Tuesday: Food, Bae!

Happy Tuesday, friends! And for my furriends, Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! 😛 It is raining here in NYC this morning, so I thought I’d take you back (not too far back) to sunnier and brighter days.

This past weekend, my husband Gilles, Maq and I all enjoyed a little downtime in our East Village neighborhood. We’ve lived here for nearly ten years and can you believe it, we’ve never been to B Bar & Grill?! On last week’s Masterchef their pressure test was chicken & waffles. The last time I had this dish was somewhere down in Atlanta at a Waffle House! When we were taking a stroll, we passed by this restaurant and I urged the hubby right away we needed to try this place! I had always wanted to just sit in that particular location and watch the world go by while enjoying a nice meal with my boys. Unbeknownst to me, they made chicken & waffles! Score!

Everyone was so nice and I was really glad to be able to brunch with our pooch. And yes, that side of sausage you see is indeed for him. Spoiled much? We really had a good time and very much look forward to coming back soon! Thanks, guys! You rock!

Stay dry out there today, folks! I can honestly say I’m pretty thrilled it’s a little cooler than it has been. That heat can really leave me beat! No, I did not intend to rhyme. 😉

Have a beautiful day!

Love & xx’s,

maQ + suz



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