s u n d a y v i b e s

There’s nothing better than strolling through my East Village neighborhood, here in NYC, with my German shepherd, my sidekick, my best pal- my one and only McQueen. Or for some of you, ‘Maq’ (mack). I wanted to start blogging again and what better way than to share our daily adventures and the things we love along the way? We do everything together, including checking out the wondrous street art + graffiti the city has to offer. Today we’re behind Hisham A. Bharoocha’s mural- amixture of yellow and purple tones. The piece reminds me of L.A., where I was born. I’m missing west coast vibes! Or maybe I’m scratching the urge to head back and visit. What you think, my la-la girls? 😉

We hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay tuned for more, starting tomorrow!

PS (nerd alert)- Who’s excited to watch the season finale of True Detective tonight? We’ve got 90 minutes of what I hope to be nonstop, spectacular television writing! Can’t wait to discuss and hear your thoughts about the show!

LOVE + xx’s,


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