New Traditions

Hey gang!

It is officially Fall! My most favorite time of the year here in nyc, I love all the different spices it brings for festive cooking during this season! I’ve been cooking since I was a kid, and learned well from my mother, and have been digging it more and more ever since! I’m starting a new tradition, now that we (we – as in a French fiancé and a purebred German shepherd, Maq) have moved into our new place, I have been cooking almost everyday! Ok.. not everyday, but six nights a week – it’s Suz’s home cooking extravaganza! The kitchen has lots of light, and most joyously, for a gal on the island of Manhattan: plenty of space! I’ve completely gone into my Martha Stewart-phase; and shamelessly loving it!

So what’s the new tradition? A post onto my blog: once a week on Friday nights. Tonight we have a roasted chicken with pear, pistachio and cranberry stuffing, with side dishes of mashed potatoes and haricot verts. I know, I should be out experimenting the big bad world of Manhattan, but been there-done that and baby, it’s cold outside (soon enough) + my entire house smells like cinnamon and pumpkin! Can you blame me? Bon Appétit! xx



Maq: “Momma, did you say it’s dinner time?”


Green beans cookin’..


I can mash potato.. 😉




Roasted chicken.


Can’t wait to cut into this!


Fully stuffed!!


Keeping a close watch..


Here you have it! Roasted chicken with pear, pistachio + cranberry stuffing

Side: Mashed potatoes & Haricot verts


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